Promoting Your Company

Promoting Your Company

You have already sliced out all the details about products and services. Then the next step is to promote the services and matching products to your customers on the target list. This customer datas could have been collected from google analytics and other location based service-programs running on the site. Big-datas, CSV-files and statistics published by the government, company and a research group about the sector are a good forecast or a great starting point. 

For the people who are familiar with the online world, it is easier to use methods like Social-Media, Email-Marketing and Blogging sites. And Flyers, advertising on local media is also another useful method. 

Social Media

 Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin are one of the main and popular platforms. We can create a short HOWTO? video clips about products and services. And post or share the same video on facebook with additional textual information. It is possible some content types may not fit on all platforms then for example if a Youtube video could not fit on Twitter then we may have to create a transcript of it for twitter. 


Search engine optimized blogs or page contents are a good way of promotion. Fact, accurate and actual information, relate to your products and services. 

Bouncing vs returning visitors, bouncing visitors are those who may visit the site once maybe per accident or they just didn’t found the content they have been searching for and therefor they will bounce back and may never come back again. 

Multi-Content pages are useful in order to win some percentage of bouncing visitors.

A returning visitors are a potential once by adding such visitors in our subscribe for free list then we can keep these visitors uptodate per email. Offering free E-books, Postcards or Photos per subscription on our email list. 

Google Adwords for a specific countries like Holland, Belgium and Germany. If we buy a 100 euro adwords credit then we can can install it to use just 10 euros per day for a specific country. This could be managed again at any time. 

Domain names 

Choose one or more domain names from the available domains on your list. A domain name should be simple to remember and relate to the objectives. 

All other main services could be add as a sub domain name like or 

Hosting packet 

Hosting packet is available for € 3.99 p/m which is € 47.88 p/y (excl tax 19%, € 9.10) by a Dutch web-hosting company named Versio

Domain names with .com extension cost € 8.49 euros p/y without 19% tax € 1.61, with tax it is € 10.10. Local 

Advertising on local media, by sharing flyers on events even sometimes door to door. Hanging billboards/posters could be an expensive approach for now. But we can try to get an interview session on a local newspaper and on other local medias as well. 

Thousand flyers cost at least 20 euros. The effect is about just 0,3% and this result could be much greater when we have added special offers and discounts. 

Printing and sharing 1000 flyers, 170 grams, A5 models. It costs about € 150 by a professional reclame and printing company. In this case we should consider about the right audience on the target list. 

Promotional Material 

Business-cards, customized pens and pencils or a nice promotional gift to share with potential customers. Supporting your community by donation and charity. 

Offers and promotions 

Introductory offers, giving samples away for new customers that the customers could test and get familiar with your services and products. Providing discounts and special offers whenever possible via the site and other integrated medias. 


Attending sector related events, involving in big and small business related events would be a good opportunity to create a new connection.