Joomla module

Joomla module

A module for Joomla CMS from our code samples.

Structure of a module in Joomla content management system. You need to create a folder in your computer and give it the name of your the module you want to develop. Like mod_money, this is your module folder. Inside of it you have to create for standard files mod_money.xml, mod_money.php, helper.php and default.php. You also need to create TMPL folder for mod_default.php. And CSS, IMG, JS and folders you may need to organize your module.

mod_money.xml: contains the description of the module and other parameters need to be installed and configured by Joomla installer.

mod_money.php: It is the main input and output routine.

tmpl/default: It will generate the HTML to display.

helper.php: Retrieves database information